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January 1, 2021


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Neither snow nor sleet nor global pandemics will stop the music.  This year, Skokie Idol goes virtual with new rules and new challenges.


The contest is open to everyone, regardless of where you live.  Contestants will be divided into three groups.


Junior Division - Grades 4 - 8

Teen Division - Grades 8 - 12

Adult Division


Because there are three age groups, there will be three Skokie Idol winners. Your group is determined by your age on January 1, 2021.  Please note: the age ranges of the groups are subject to change based on the ages of the contestants who register.


Unlike past years, there are no weekly eliminations.   Players will receive a total of seven song challenges to record and submit.  Your first song will not be scored, but your remaining songs will be presented in a weekly online show and receive votes from the public and votes from our judges.  Of the six songs that are scored, we will take your five hightest scores and use those to determine your rank and whether you qualify for the semi-finals. We have several judges who will evaluate and critique your work while offering instructional suggestions for improvement.


Are you ready:  Your first song challenge is : Your Favorite Song


Record it on your phone or your tablet.  You can record it in a zoom session.  Or you can have a friend record you on a handicam.


You can sing to a track.  You can sing a cappella.  You can have someone accompany you.  But you must be the only singer.  (Occasionally, a pre-recorded song track contains background singers.  That's ok as long as you sing the lead).


Once we have your registration form and registration fee, we will send you instructions on how to send your song to us.  In the mean time, good luck and have fun.  We can't wait to hear your sing.


GRAND PRIZE:  The Skokie Idol winners from each category will be featured live in a free concert this summer on the Skokie Village Green.


Questions?  Call the Skokie Idol Hotline at 847-677-7761 ext. 4


All sales are final.  We will gladly exchange your tickets for an event to another date and time.

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