MadKap Productions


4th Annual

Short Play Festival


Series 1

Fri, Aug 17 at 7:30 pm

Sat, Aug 18 at 4:00 pm


Series 2

Sat, Aug 18 at 7:00 pm

Sun, Aug 19 at 2:00 pm


Tickets: $15

Two programs of short plays presented by Chicago's finest directors, actors, and playwrights.

Come vote for the project you'd like to see named the Festival Winner.



Series 1


"Murphy's Law"

by Elliott Koriath

directed by Isabel Kolino

starring Pia Russo, Sydney Krebs, Tessa Kim, Chris Van Overberghe, and Josh Weiner


"When Opposites Distract"

written and directed by Therese Harrold

starring Theresa Herrold and Mary Kuhn



written by Imma Curl

directed by Nicole Minardi

starring Kelsey Blackwell, Les Rorick, and Nate Wagner


"Frances My Mench"

written and directed by Lucy Pabst

starring Ruth Schilling, Julie Mitre, and Kaeden Smith


"My Daughter Is Not Going Back Home"

written and directed by Alpha Diallo

starring Aimee Bass, Alpha Diallo and Kadidiatou (Kadi) Doumbia



Series 2


"The Piano Tuner"

written and directed by James McDunn

starring Greta Mueller, Sandy Borth,

and James McDunn


"Mrs. Palmer's Predicament"

by Elyse Kallen

starring Anita Kallen and Harvey Kaluzna


"Altercation in the Underworld"

by Brooke McGaughey

directed by Stefan Roseen

starring RJ Cecott, Jim La Pietra, Mallory Swisher, and Becky Valek


"Bereaved For The Better"

by Michael Dalberg

directed by Becca Holloway

starring Marisa Lerman and Lauren Deaton


"Ray's Star Tap"

by Eugene Baldwin

directed by Daniel Sappington

starring Mathias Blake, Rob Chesler, Shannon Metts, Koshie Mills, Michael Nguyen, Anthony Santiago and David Wiesenhahn


"The Meaning of Life"

a short lecture by Bernard Rice



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