Charles Troy Presents

The Creation of

West Side Story

Wed, June 6  1:30 pm     Tickets: $15

Join Charles Troy, Elizabeth Doyle and David Edelfelt for this celebration of Leonard Bernstein’s centennial. West Side Story — this brave, brilliant musical tragedy, born into a world of musical comedy, took years to crystallize for its creators, then overcame daunting challenges just to get onstage. Famous buddies Leonard Bernstein, Jerome Robbins and Arthur Laurents were creating their Romeo and Juliet musical when Bernstein realized he was spreading himself too thin by also trying to write the lyrics. They tapped the unknown 25-year-old Stephen Sondheim, who completed the creative foursome with a soulfulness that he never again attempted, and the bite that the daring project needed.


Charles Troy, popular speaker and presenter, is an acclaimed musical theatre historian and graphic designer. He has created over 50 multi-media presentations and had presented his work to countless local and national audiences. His work has also been published in The Sondheim Review.


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