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Charles Troy Presents

The Creation of Funny Girl

Wed, Oct 4 1:30 pm

Tickets: $15


Fanny Brice’s daughter wanted a musical that would commemorate her late mother. At the same time, a raw teenage talent named Barbra Streisand, who reminded many people of Fanny Brice, was trying to break into show business. These two separate quests happened to align, in an amazing cosmic coincidence that resulted in a hit show — and the launch of one of the most successful entertainment careers in years.


Charles Troy’s 60 multimedia presentations tell the stories behind the greatest Broadway musicals and songwriters of the 20th century, in seamless visual programs with his own original graphics, and a scripted narrative that weave the events into cohesive, dramatic tales. He's been featured twice in the Chicago Tribune, and regularly gives his presentations in Florida and NYC, as well as monthly at the Skokie Theatre.




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