Charles Troy Presents

Boy Meets Girl / Boy Kills Boy / Girl Goes Mad:


The Evolution of Subject Matter in American Musical Theatre History


Wed, Sept 5  1:30 pm

Tickets: $15

Over a century of American musicals, the acceptable subject matter for a show has changed drastically since the innocent early days of “Boy Meets Girl / Boy Loses Girl / Boy Gets Girl.” This chronological survey will cover a dozen shows from “Leave It to Jane” in 1917 (“Boy Meets Girl”) through “West Side Story” in 1957 (“Boy Kills Boy”) to “Next to Normal” in 2009 (“Girl Goes Mad”) that have pushed the envelope during that time—until now, virtually any topic can be made into a musical! Join Jeff Dean, Beckie Menzie, and Charles Troy for a most unusual presentation.


Charles Troy, popular speaker and presenter, is an acclaimed musical theatre historian and graphic designer. He has created over 50 multi-media presentations and had presented his work to countless local and national audiences. His work has also been published in The Sondheim Review.


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