David Schulman


Quiet Life Motel


Friday, June 9  8:00 pm

Tickets: $20


By turns nocturnal, reflective, funky, and cinematic, the music of violinist David Schulman and Quiet Life Motel is a weave of jazz harmonies, shimmering orchestral textures, and international grooves. Heard on NPR and at the Kennedy Center, his sound has been described as “mysterious and beautiful” by the Washington Post.


In this special performance, elements of nuevo tango, cumbia, and gypsy music find their place amidst evocative soundscapes from around the world.  As a nocturnal backdrop of visual imagery sets the stage, the music carries us on a vivid, cinematic journey: There are wordless love stories.  Secrets, desires, regrets.  Melodic dreamscapes. Moments of comfort for when the world seems about to come apart. Playful, organic percussion — and many layers of dancing violin.

"An extraordinary, expressive improviser on the violin, wonderfully moving and frequently surprising in his ideas — and mysterious and haunting in their execution."

      Michael West, Washington City Paper


Special Skokie preshow: “Sounds and Stories of Chicago.” Before the performance, the audio pre-show features soundscapes of some of David’s favorite Chicago places, voices, and sound makers — including legendary pianist John Wright, sound-gatherer Olivia Block, and the soulful vintage  elevators of Chicago’s Fine Arts Building.




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