Charles Troy Presents

Cole Porter and the
Great Depression


Wed, June 7  1:30 pm     Tickets: $15

Isn’t it ironic that the worst economic period in America’s history was the career high point of our most elegant songwriter, Cole Porter? Between the stock market crash in 1929 and Pearl Harbor in 1941, Porter wrote the scores for twelve shows and four films, took a round-the-world cruise -- and was permanently injured in a horseback riding accident. This program wends its way through this packed period in Porter’s life and notes what was going on at the same time in the outside world. Beside Charles Troy, this multimedia presentation features two of Chicago’s best cabaret talents: singer-pianist Elizabeth Doyle and singer David Edelfelt, snging some of the numbers live.


Charles Troy, popular speaker and presenter, is an acclaimed musical theatre historian and graphic designer. He has created over 50 multi-media presentations and had presented his work to countless local and national audiences. His work has also been published in The Sondheim Review.


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