Sun, June 4

2:00 pm


Tickets: $25

In America, you can say what you think ...

(Well, not always)


The Hollywood blacklist marked a dark period in American history. Cold War fear of communists gripped the nation, and a Washington-based witch hunt sought to find anyone with even an imagined link to communism. Hundreds of singers and songwriters were silenced.


Join some of Chicago's finest cabaret performers in a program of songs Joe McCarthy didn't want us to hear, and honor some of America's finest blacklisted performers including Leonard Bernstein, Yip Harburg, Lena Horne, Zero Mostel, Paul Robeson, Pete Seeger and more.


Written and Directed by

Carla Gordon

Featuring Cynthia Clarey, Carla Gordon, Paul Motondo, Wayne Richards, Robert Sims and Three for the Road & Friends.   With music direction by Beckie Menzie.

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